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Top 10 College Campus Meltdowns After Trump’s 2016 Victory

After Trump’s shocking victory in the 2016 presidential election, liberal students on college campuses lost their collective minds.

In many cases, so did members of the faculty and administration.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and examine some of the best examples.

Students at Barnard were consoled over the election with coloring books. Before the election, they were apparently mature enough to know who should be president, but when it didn’t work out the way they wanted, they were treated like five year olds.

At this university, students were so distraught over the outcome of the election, they needed to be given milk and cookies. Again, we were supposed to take their political opinions seriously?

Plenty of students at this school were upset over the election but this young lady was like the spokeswoman for the snowflake coalition:

Students at this prestigious school decided they didn’t want protection from the police anymore. Why? Because lots of police supported Trump and even voted for him.

Protesting students at George Washington University say forcing them to be protected by campus police is akin to an “act of violence” — because police officers support Donald Trump.

The students have demanded campus leaders direct money to several diversity programs to rectify the situation, one of several demands lodged with administrators recently as left-leaning students at the private, Washington D.C.-based university reel from Trump’s election.

A student at this school burned an American flag to protest the election of Trump. As a result, the school decided to stop flying American flags on campus. They were quickly shamed into reversing that policy.

Nothing says maturity like screaming when you don’t get your way.

By the end of election night, Vas­sar campus was filled with faces of somber disbelief. Social media outlets were flooded with indignant outcries and passionate remarks.

Around 3 a.m. of Nov. 9, frustrated students gathered for an impromp­tu primal scream on the quad. They found fleeting solace in each other’s company, screaming together in a brief and raw moment of solidarity.

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

More than 300 students attended the ‘Sco’s election watch party, many of whom sat in tearful silence with head in hands as Trump won every crucial battleground state. Crowds in the ’Sco and Azariah’s mustered occasional cheers when Hillary Clinton took brief leads, but the events eventually ended with students returning home distraught, some loudly commenting, “The world is going to end tomorrow.”

Students at this school were offered safe spaces and emotional support to cope.

“Many in our community, and among us, are waking up with fear, anxiety, concern, questions, and confusion among many other emotions,” the email starts out, going on to praise the “Hokie community” but lamenting that “not every member of our community has felt they belong. And today, this may feel almost insurmountable.”

The law school at U. Michigan planned an event that involved playing with Play-Doh. The Law School! They quickly scrubbed the event from their website.

American U. students consoled themselves after the election by burning the American flag.

What was lost on all of these students was the fact that their behavior after the election made Trump voters feel even better about their decision.

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