Day: April 6, 2019

City fails to privatize public sidewalk to protect abortionists

A city’s attempt to privatize a public sidewalk to protect the abortionists at the West Alabama Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa has failed. The clinic now must allow speech by pro-life protesters that is...

Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Messages View Reddit by M_i_c_K – View Source

Why is Facebook Targeting Conservative History-based Sites?

Donald Trump, Jr. took Facebook to task in a recent article, and the censorship may be worse than even he thought Legal Insurrection readers are acutely aware of the deplatforming and silencing of con...

Drivers threatened with $250 fine for sleeping in car

If you’re driving through Virginia, you don’t dare think about catching a few winks in your car if you get tired. That’s the warning from the civil rights experts at the Rutherford Institute, who say ...

500 years later, Mexico demands that Spain apologize for the Conquistadors

Spain’s rejection of the demand was immediate and blunt Just when you think we may have seen peak “social justice insanity,” there is a news item showing that we have clearly not yet topped out! Despi...

Not Checking Enough Boxes

Not Checking Enough Boxes View Reddit by M_i_c_K – View Source

Alec Baldwin: President Trump Is ‘Neurologically Impaired’

Actor Alec Baldwin is attacking President Donald Trump, this time by claiming the president is “neurologically impaired.” Source link Veterans In Defense Of Liberty – Vidol

Hollywood Melts Down over Year-Old, Deceptively Edited Video to Attack Trump: 'Genocide Language'

Left-wing Hollywood figures are freaking out and comparing President Donald Trump to a Nazi, using a misleading and edited video from last year of President Donald Trump calling murderous illegal alie...

Germany’s Top Muslim Organization Calls for ‘Islamophobia’ Czar

A Federal Commissioner needed to fight “latent anti-Muslim sentiment,” says Germany’s Central Council of Muslims Germany’s leading Muslim organization has urged the government to appoint a Federal Com...

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