Day: June 6, 2019

Mexican Newspaper: Authorities Getting Tougher on Migrants as Tariffs Loom

The U.S. and Mexico continue talks on illegal immigration and tariffs, but Mexican authorities are already beefing up border security. Source link Veterans In Defense Of Liberty – Vidol

'I Was Shaking': D-Day Battle Still Fresh 75 Years Later

The invasion, code named ‘Operation Overlord’A but known by many todayA as ‘D-Day,’A nearly turned out to be a massive and embarrassing disaster. Source link Veterans In Defens...

The Bedford Boys’ Ultimate Sacrifice

Seventy-five years ago today, Company A of the 116th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army’s 29th Division reached Normandy’s coast. They were part of a huge Allied force landing on a shoreline that stre...