Day: June 19, 2019

Trump's Re-Election Launch Is a Rabble-Rousing Rerun

Most of Trump’s 2020 re-election rally was indistinguishable, in both style and substance, from his campaign events of 2016 Source link Veterans In Defense Of Liberty – Vidol

Democrats Must Focus on Health Care, Improving Education

Terry McAuliffe writes that the challenge for Democrats in 2020 is to ignore the noise of ideological litmus tests and instead capitalize on their advantage on key issues that directly impact American...

Trump Has a Pretty Clear Path to Winning Reelection

President Trump launched his reelection campaign last night. It’s obviously anyone’s guess whether he can win. But if you’re getting your news from CNN, MSNBC, or the New York Times,...

Josh Hawley Versus the Machine

If you were looking for a David to the multi-billion-dollar, big-tech Goliath, you could do worse than Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.). Source link Veterans In Defense Of Liberty – Vidol

Leftists Have Turned Obama Into Mitt Romney

Obama has been accused of redistributing wealth upward and undercutting Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on business. Both claims are false. Source link Veterans In Defense Of Liberty – Vidol

The Dilemma for Moderate Democrats

The centrists at Third Way oppose Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda. But the group is increasingly open to other liberal alternatives-including Elizabeth Warren. Source link Veterans In Defense ...

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