Day: August 21, 2019

Kamala Harris Suggests Anchor Baby Policy Enshrined in Constitution

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), running in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary, is suggesting that the country’s birthright citizenship policy for the children of illegal aliens — commonly referred to a...

2020 Dems Have More to Fear From a Recession Than Trump Does

It is an article of faith in some circles that if the U.S. economy stops growing, President Trump will not be reelected in 2020. Source link Veterans In Defense Of Liberty – Vidol

Rudderless Trump Administration Is Drifting Toward Disaster

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky August is generally a dull month in politics unless a presidential election is looming. Congress is in recess and millions of checked-out Americans are criss-crossing the cou...

Why Farmers Aren't Going to Abandon Trump

The narrative goes that because Trump launched a trade war against China, China retaliated by tariffing agriculture products from red states. False. Source link Veterans In Defense Of Liberty – ...

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