Assault on America, Day 91: Joe Biden just the latest creep calling the Democrat Party home

Creepy Uncle Joe
Fast forward in your mind to early summer and the first 2020 Democrat presidential debate (which will take place over two nights to accommodate the extraordinarily large field of anti-Trump liberal hopefuls, on June 26th and 27th in Miami).

Here’s the scene: Anxiously awaiting their initial opportunity to put distance between themselves and the motley gaggle of fellow competitors before a national audience, Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris pace the floor rehearsing their opening lines. The words “Trump (this), Trump (that) and Trump (do you know how awful he is?)” define the parameters of their panicky practice regimens.

The large assortment of Democrat no-names (Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, etc….) anonymously mix with advisors and party guests, feeling no pressure to perform. They’re happy to be there, ecstatic that somehow, they finagled the rules to grab a place on stage with all these other famous political faces. Future elections, here they come!

Hillary Clinton’s there too, having decided she needed to draw at least a few camera snippets while seated in the audience to keep her name in the news until she deems it the ideal moment to jump into the race as a “savior” candidate to prevent her fellow Democrats from self-imploding. Even in the excessively air-conditioned south Florida arena the 2016 loser sweats profusely, not yet recovered from another Chardonnay-induced hangover. No matter, the juice calmed her nerves… and besides, she doesn’t have to say anything, right?

Ten minutes to showtime, a frantic media producer gripes, “Where’s Joe Biden?”

Just then a Democrat operative turns to Nancy Pelosi (the de facto Democrat leader) and says: “What will we do when the moderators bring up a ‘creepy Uncle Joe’ question to Biden? Everyone’s been talking about this for months and it’s not like the scandal’s dying down. If they ask him about his long history of gross touching and hair sniffing it’s putting the issue front and center before everyone… but if they don’t it looks like we’re protecting him.”

Pelosi: “None of it matters for the primary campaign because our voters don’t care about that sensational stuff and most of ‘em actually enjoy creepy behavior anyway. Look at the gals on The View! Let the networks say whatever they want — you know they’re rooting for us. If anything, it’ll boost Biden’s chances of getting the nomination. We’re happy with it!”

At that moment Biden saunters in displaying his confident frontrunner-like strut he always does. Upon spotting Senator Harris he approaches from behind, places one hand on her shoulder and the other reaches around to cover her eyes. He stealthily nudges in to get a good whiff of the woman’s immaculately coifed hairdo, slowly caresses her neck and whispers loud enough for others nearby to hear, “Guess who?”

“Oh, it must be YOU, creepy Uncle Joe! Glad you’re here!” Harris replies, clearly shaken.

Is this an unfair depiction? Not if you’ve paid attention to the headlines of late. Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times, “[Former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores]’s accusation of unwanted touching by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden forced Democrats to revisit the #MeToo issue over the weekend as one of their own made it clear that she is unwilling to stay quiet for the good of the team…

“Mr. Biden, who has yet to declare his candidacy, responded by vowing to ‘remain the strongest advocate I can be’ for women. The Biden camp posted multiple declarations of support from former female staffers and colleagues who vouched for his character. ‘In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort, and not once, never, did I believe I acted inappropriately,’ Mr. Biden said. ‘If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully, but it was never my intention.’

“At the same time, the accusation raised questions about whether the 76-year-old Delaware Democrat’s physical, press-the-flesh campaign style may become a liability in the #MeToo era.”

No kidding. As is common knowledge by now, Biden was reproached for inappropriately parading around au naturel in front of female Secret Service agents too. These incidents weren’t captured on video and there’s no tangible evidence other than multiple anonymous agents’ say so, but in the #MeToo age, isn’t the seriousness of the charge sufficient to merit public hysteria and politically correct condemnation? When coupled with the other accounts of creepy Uncle Joe getting a little too hands-on with women and female children, it’s enough to raise glaring red flags (unfortunately, not Soviet banners) to party leadership.

At the same time the Democrat ruling elites would crawl over shattered glass on bared hands and knees to beat President Trump and hence stave off further banishment to the political wilderness for another four years. Many politicos swear Biden’s got by far the best chance to counteract Trump’s Electoral College strength (i.e. rebuild the blue wall in the rust belt states) — so they’re willing to overlook his disgusting antics. Imagine how women feel when the guy’s in close proximity with them though… talk about sensing stink bugs crawling slowly down your back.

For what it’s worth, Lucy Flores admitted to supporting Bernie Sanders in 2016 and recently attended “Beto” O’Rourke’s campaign kickoff. She’s clearly sided with the leftist contingent of the party; all’s not well in Democrat-land when you have prominent minority female Democrats throwing out lurid tales of sleaze involving Biden which other presidential candidates (like “Pocahontas” Warren) already announced they believe and he needs to answer for.

And what if Biden eventually ends up with the nomination? What will his fellow Democrats say then? The backtracking will be so intense it’ll ignite a forest fire. The liberal establishment media will swear they never heard of the accusations at all. Then they’ll turn it around and find dozens of women who suddenly recall being groped by Donald Trump forty years ago.

But there’s more at play here too. In addition to his groping dilemma, Biden’s past encounters also highlight his age issue at a time when the former Vice President is already being stung by claims he’s too geriatric to challenge the slightly younger but extremely vigorous Trump. If his touchy-feely affection is a product of a bygone age, doesn’t this indicate he’s too over-the-hill to be president now? If elected, what if he greets a foreign female prime minister by grabbing her shoulders and smelling her hair?

Big mouth Biden’s said he would’ve physically confronted Trump over his alleged poor treatment of women… but what about his own sickening foibles?

The topic could bring down Biden’s candidacy before he even throws his hat in the ring. Or maybe its impact would be more lasting. Matt Margolis wrote at PJ Media, “What the press shrugged off before they likely won’t do so again if Biden jumps into the 2020 race. Does Joe Biden want to be remembered as Barack Obama’s VP or the guy whose third attempt at a run for president was thwarted by the #MeToo movement?

“As much as I would argue that being Obama’s Number Two is no badge of honor, I suspect the history books will look more fondly on that than the alternative. There’s no chance that presidential candidate Biden will get away with his past inappropriate behavior. The media will have a harder time writing it off as ‘Joe being Joe.’ Should Biden officially jump into the race, it is safe to say that other women will come forward with their stories. Is he really the guy Democrats want to face Trump in 2020? I doubt it.

“Joe Biden needs to think long and hard about what to do about this election. Is it worth running for president and risking his legacy going down in flames?”

Only Joe can decide. But here’s thinking the choice to run might not be as easy as it was a month ago before Lucy Flores’s name attracted national attention.

Chances are Joe Biden’s inappropriate conduct won’t derail his chances in the Democrat primaries, but there’s no doubt he’d emerge as damaged goods heading into the 2020 general election. A #MeToo driven party like the Democrats would be better served by staying (far) away.

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