Biden Administration’s ‘Border Crisis Fueling Opioid Crisis’

The Republican National Committee’s research team released a video via Twitter on Friday depicting the Biden administration’s “border crisis fueling the opioid crisis.”

The video shows CBS Nightly News with Norah O’Donnell reporting on “a flood of drugs coming into this country at the Mexico border.”

“Record amounts of opioids and along with them deadly consequences,” O’Donnell reports.

Due to the border crisis, “fentanyl seizures have increased 800 percent” from last April in Texas, the CBS footage shows.

“We had a 1000 pounds of methamphetamine seized, a 1000 pounds of cocaine seized,” the video continues. “So those narcotics numbers are very high.”

“The drugs coming across the border here are fueling an unprecedented epidemic across the country,” says a reporter walking near the Southern border. “The toll of which can be counted in the skyrocketing number of overdose deaths.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris will inspect the southern border Friday, 93 days after assuming charge of the epidemic in March from President Joe Biden.

The impromptu inspection comes after more than 50 House Republicans demanded June 20 that Biden replace Harris for failing to secure the southern border. Just five days earlier, former President Donald Trump planned a trip to the border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on an official visit before Harris had made any visiting plans.

The reason for the lack of border security by the Biden administration is unknown.

The administration seems to have few real solutions to the crisis after revoking the former administration’s border security policies, such as ending the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

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