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‘10,000 Senior Citizens Died’: Guest Host Fires Back When Sunny Hostin Praises Andrew Cuomo On COVID

  • February 8, 2022
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“The View” host Sunny Hostin claimed Tuesday that former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) — who resigned amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault — might still have a political future because of how many people thought he did a good job managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked in former President Donald Trump’s administration, was having none of that, however — and she pointed out that after a direct order from Cuomo, thousands of senior citizens died in his state’s nursing homes.


Joy Behar kicked off the segment, noting that Cuomo already appeared to be testing the political waters just five months after he resigned. She pointed out the fact that Cuomo, despite the multiple allegations, had not been prosecuted for or found guilty of anything — and he had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

“Can he come back from this scandal because he kind of lost a lot of his mojo in the public eye even if he wasn’t actually convicted,” she turned the question over to her co-hosts.

Hostin said that it might be possible because she didn’t believe he had lost too much support from the people of New York — where he is now rumored to be considering a run for attorney general against the woman whose investigation led to his resignation: incumbent Democrat Leticia James.

“I think if you ask the majority of New Yorkers they feel he did a good job as governor, especially at handling the pandemic especially when the Trump Administration was not handling it well on a federal level,” Hostin said, adding that Cuomo had claimed on several occasions that James’ investigation was political in nature because she wanted a chance to run for governor.

“I just think it does appear to be a little politically motivated. She was running for governor, but that was very short-lived. There’s something to be said about that. If Trump can have dozens of accusers and become the President of the United States, I think all bets are off at this point,” she continued, saying that James had only dropped out of the running for governor because she had failed to raise enough money.

Griffin jumped in then, saying that Cuomo had other issues beyond the allegations which she argued, even in the absence of any convictions, appeared to be credible.

“He also did an — abominable handling of COVID. Ten thousand senior citizens died in nursing homes in New York while he was writing a book that he profited off of,” Griffin pushed back. “And by the way, looking at ethics? He was taking — he was using government resources to help research and write that book. If there’s one thing we learned about the Cuomos, it’s — these are egomaniacs.”

“Both of them are egomaniacs?” Behar asked.

“That’s my — that’s what I know of both of them. I think he will pursue office again. I think he absolutely just thinks he’s the best, he’s wanted, there’s a lane there. I hope there’s not,” Griffin concluded.

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