‘An Act Of Pure Righteousness’: Minnesota Dem Official Defends George Floyd Rioters Burning Police Precinct

  • August 11, 2021
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On August 2, the chair of the Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, the affiliate of the Democratic Party in Minnesota, defended rioters who set a police precinct on fire during the riots after the death of George Floyd in 2020, writing that the burning was “a genuine revolutionary moment” and an “act of pure righteousness to open new worlds of understanding.”

In his essay on Southside Pride titled “The Cops Started It,” Devin Hogan claimed that the Minneapolis police “started shooting ‘less lethals’ at the angry teenagers and other crowds who had gathered at the Third Precinct on the first afternoon. It was unprovoked and at random. Our Boys in Blue were showing off.”

“The youth of Minneapolis have grown up seeing the police murder people who look like them without consequences,” he wrote. “They are out of f***s to give. Deliberately antagonizing them was a cruel excuse to give an opportunity to knock heads. Everything that followed was a proportional response.”

“The Target across the street wouldn’t let protesters into the store to purchase posterboard and markers to make signs,” Hogan wrote. “It got looted. Brand new flatscreen TVs and other detritus were used to build more barricades. At this point the world was paying attention. Friends and family were reaching out. How come words won’t satiate people? Why Minneapolis? The cops started it, I replied. They killed George Floyd and took every opportunity to escalate, agitate and make things worse. The cops are rioting and the people are responding.”

Hogan pronounced, “Like it or not, setting the Third Precinct on fire was a genuine revolutionary moment. An act of pure righteousness to open new worlds of understanding. The people declared themselves ungovernable and unilaterally took their power back. The largest international human rights movement in modern history had begun. The youth of Minneapolis carried all of this. The cops started it.”

“The call from the streets was genuine liberation, truly and finally. The work continues until that day comes,” Hogan stated, “The enemies of this agenda, the powers that hold up white supremacy, are organized. They will no longer tolerate the great embarrassment of having lost control. They want the people to forget what it felt like to seize their power back.”

He urged:

Recognize the patterns. Counterinsurgency and genuine conspiracy used to diffuse movements. Manufacturing consent in the media by activating lizard brain emotions that distract from the issues. The constant surveillance, hyper-militarization and macho bullshit to give the exurbs a sense of pathetic comfort – it’s all connected. It’s meant to burn you out. Keep focus. Eyes on the prize. Remember the demand of the streets. The blood and treasure spent. This is our job. Minneapolis must answer the call. For real this time. For real for real. Do it for the kids.

On August 9, Hogan, who describes himself as a “neighborhood activist with the privilege and fortune of a diverse career in public, private, and non-profit development spanning this country and the world,” wrote on Facebook:

Statement for the media: The truth hurts. Accurately describing reality is not a call to arms. Explaining the conditions of violent repression with the reasons why and how people react to that oppression is not condoning violence. Fetishizing decorum over substance is a hallmark of white supremacy. If antiracism offends your sensibilities then please use this moment to examine the role you play in maintaining and upholding these systems. Which side are you on?

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