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‘Our Family Was Created By Abortion’: Mom Promoting Pro-Abortion Children’s Book Gets Slammed On Twitter

  • April 13, 2022
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Our Family Was Created By Abortion Mom Promoting Pro-Abortion Childrens Book Gets Slammed On Twitter

The days of “safe, legal, and rare” slogans are long since behind us. Now, abortion advocates aren’t just insisting on how “reproductive rights” are essential, but some are also indoctrinating their young children to believe the same. 

A tweet from extreme pro-choice activist Renee Bracey Sherman went viral this week, with several prominent figures responding in disgust and horror. The message showed a photo of the children’s book, “What’s An Abortion, Anyway?” alongside a photo of what appeared to be children sleeping in a bed.

It included the caption, “Wait til she finds out this has been our family’s bedtime story on our vacation this week as my niece loves this book and reads it to her little sister every night. Our family was created by abortion, adoption, and parenting decisions. I love our family.” 

“’Our family was created by abortion’ is a pretty grim argument,” Ben Shapiro replied.

“‘We took your little sibling and killed her. You’re lucky we didn’t kill you. Now celebrate and affirm the death of your sibling with me.’ No words to describe how violent, cruel and abusive this is,” Live Action founder Lila Rose wrote.

Even some pro-abortion followers weren’t on board with marketing abortion to young children.

“Please tell me this isn’t real… I support the right to choose one. That’s for sure. But this sh** is just disgusting, if it’s real,” one person replied.

“i’m pro choice, but this is deranged. like, kids can just read normal kids books. they aren’t adults, they can’t get pregnant, there is really no reason for them to know any of this at that age. there will be plenty of time to talk about heavy adult decisions when they are older,” another shared.

This isn’t the first time Sherman, whose profile identifies her as “the Beyoncé of Abortion Storytelling,” has promoted this particular book. Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), replied with a screenshot of another tweet Sherman posted on May 10, 2021 – the day after Mother’s Day – which showed images from inside the book.

The caption said, “I love talking to kiddos about repro stuff, including abortion, but I know not everyone has the words for it. This book is super cute and thoughtful in the way it explains pregnancy and abortion, and is great to help you start the convo with your littles.”

The book is indeed real. The marketing page describes it as, “a medically accurate, non-judgmental, and gender-inclusive resource for young folks about abortion care.” The page laments the fact that there are no books about abortion marketed to children under 13. They intend for “What’s An Abortion, Anyway?” to be used as “one initial resource for parents, caretakers, and those wanting to talk to the young people in their lives about abortion care.”

Author Carly Manes is described as “a white, queer, Jewish full-spectrum [abortion] doula from New York. She has always believed that young people deserve transparency when it comes to information about their sexual health and bodies.”

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