‘Stop Using African Americans To Do Your Dirty Work’: Tyrus Lets ‘Woke’ Critics Have It Over Joe Rogan

  • February 8, 2022
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Fox News personality and former professional wrestler Tyrus let Joe Rogan’s critics have it on Monday’s broadcast of “Gutfeld!”

Billed as an “angry black man,” Tyrus argued that the people trying to cancel Rogan were doing so because they couldn’t compete with him — and when they failed, they dug through his podcasts until they found something they could use to manipulate more people into being mad at Rogan.


“HE’S ANGRY, HE’S BLACK, HE’S MALE,” the message flashed across the screen in all capital letters before cutting to the video of Tyrus, who opened by thanking host Greg Gutfeld for giving him the time to speak his mind.

“This is not going to be your normal. everyday ‘angry black man’ — oh, and I’m angry, but not for the reasons you might think,” Tyrus warned. “Yup, Joe Rogan said the ‘N-word.’ Hell, he even said it with a hard-a** ‘r’ — a bunch of times on a podcast. And yeah, it pissed me off when I first saw it.”

Tyrus began slow-clapping then, congratulating the “woke” mob for succeeding in getting a rise out of him: “Very clever, woke!”

But then he noted that the people attacking Rogan for his use of that word were conveniently leaving out some of the context — namely that the archived episodes of his podcast that were being used to attack him were over a decade old.

“Nobody cares what he said 12 years ago,” Tyrus continued. “Hell, you didn’t. Where were you then? I’ll wait for a response, but we know that will fall on deaf ears.”

“Maybe it’s time you stop using us African Americans to do your dirty work, and fight your battles,” he added. “Now, I get it, you use your favorite little words to get us fired up: ‘racist, systemic, critical. And your new favorite word: misinformation. And that’ll get us fired up, we won’t even look at the facts or the whatnots, and we’ll just jump in and cancel away with you.”

Tyrus went on to point out the fact that the initial fight with Rogan was about COVID-19 — but when that wasn’t enough to get him canceled, his critics went back to the usual suspects.

“You were losing that conversation, so you needed something else,” he said. “And you went right to the good old Woke Playbook — but you went one too many times. How about this: fight Joe Rogan yourselves. Leave us out of it.”

Tyrus added that he believed no one — including Rogan — should use the N-word.

“He said it then, but you’re saying it now, and for no other reason than to cancel a man you can’t compete with. And you know what? That sounds racist to me,” he concluded, noting that he had heard that word directed at him most often when he was winning an argument. “I think you just told on your woke selves. Now, I just may just be an uppity [bleep], but that sounds a lot like — and I’ll use one of your words — misinformation.”

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