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Canada Urged to Strengthen Ties With India, Improve Indo-Pacific Standing

  • August 10, 2022
  • /   The Epoch Times
  • /   News
Canada Urged to Strengthen Ties With India Improve Indo-Pacific Standing
News Analysis The Indo-Pacific is of growing consequence for the democratic free world, but a damning conclusion from pundits is that Canada has neglected the region and become less well-regarded by its countries. In particular, business leaders and foreign policy experts urge Canada to do more to strengthen ties with India, a major player there, something that would be welcomed by the Asian nation. “As a sister democracy, we certainly encourage Canada to be more involved in the Indo-Pacific. Canada has a Pacific coastline which Canadians living in Ottawa tend to forget. And it’s already a Pacific country. So there’s no reason why Canada should be absent from the Indo-Pacific region where it is a Pacific country,” a senior official with the Indian High Commission told The Epoch Times....
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