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Conferance of Leadership 2

  • April 11, 2021
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11 April 2021
COL Members and invited guests,
Secretary Kris Kobach confirmed today that he is available Sunday evening, 16 May 2021, and will be on the Conference of Leadership zoom conference. Kris will discuss his anti-CRT Legislation we will be carrying to all Red States. Time - 1700 hrs Central. If you penciled in the date of the 9th, scratch it as Mothers Day will not work.
1. Contact your Legislators and Governor:
  • Get the TRUE Act in their hands.
  • Find those to sponsor the Bill.
  • Work with supporting Legislators to assure passage.
2. Expose the Racism in Critical Race Theory
  • Talk Radio
  • Public speaking/debate
  • Op-eds/Letters to the Editor
  • Attend and speak before, City council and School Board meeting
o     Expose members as supporting Racism through CRT
  • Hijacking the American mind and culture through hypocrisy and corruption
o “America the least racist country in the world.”
o Every day we delay, we lose countless children to that sordid abyss from which they can never return. Mathew 18:6
o “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” - Vladimir Lenin

3. Talk to parents and teachers (individually and in groups)
  • Educate as to how well CRT aligns with the eight powers described in “How to Create a Social State by Saul Alinsky.”
  • Encourage them to be involved in the counter-revolution for the minds and lives of our children
This Call to Action is a draft that we will be discussed and fine-tune at the Conference on 16 May 2021. But, do not hesitate laying the groundwork in your “Battalions,” local area, and state – NOW.

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