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Dem NYC Mayor Admits Crime-Ridden City Has Become A Global 'Laughingstock'

  • March 28, 2022
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Dem NYC Mayor Admits Crime-Ridden City Has Become A Global Laughingstock

At least he’s honest.

The Democratic Mayor of New York City admitted that his own city has become a global “laughingstock,” citing an epidemic of homelessness and crime blighting the Big Apple.

Eric Adams was speaking at a New York Police Department prayer event on Sunday, according to the New York Post.

“Anything goes in the city of New York,” said Adams in a moment of blunt honesty.

“The most important city on the globe has become the laughingstock of the globe.”

“And the dysfunctionality of our city has cascaded throughout the entire country,” said Adams, a longtime New York Police Department veteran.

Adams, who was speaking about out-of-control violent crime and urban disorder, referenced two shootings that injured a 3- and a 7-year-old child last week.

“It’s just not OK to leave a daycare center with your baby and hear gunshots or walk across Kings Highway with your 7-year-old and hear shots,” said Adams.

Adams was elected to succeed socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio, who wore out his welcome with even the ultra-liberal electorate of New York City.

The nominally “moderate” Democrat hit back at some of his woke critics who favor tolerating crime and degenerate behavior.

“And the audacity that someone comes along and says, ‘I want to be your mayor,’ and simply says, ‘Follow the rules, follow the rules,’” said Adams in a dig at those who oppose his policies.

The city’s borough of Manhattan secured the second-place spot in national population decline in 2021, following only the equally disastrous liberal county of Los Angeles.

Adams went on to tout himself as a “wartime general” who would lead the NYPD in returning law and order to New York City.

“I’m going to be on the front line. Those of you in transit, I’m in the subway system at 2, 3 a.m. with you. I’m going to your precincts.”

“I’m going to call you up when you make those arrests.”

Adams told NYPD officers to ignore their loudest social media critics, arguing that most New Yorkers support their police.

“Don’t let anyone break your spirit, tell you that New Yorkers don’t love the men and women of the NYPD,” said Adams.

“Everywhere I go they say, ‘Protect our police.’ Ignore the noise. Ignore Instagram, social media. Facebook.”

The toll of partisan Democratic governance and the coronavirus pandemic has proved damaging to America’s big cities, and it’ll prove a serious challenge for Adams to show he’s serious about bringing change.

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