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Fox Nation Host of ‘No Interruption’ Tomi Lahren Talks Fauci Fear, RINOs, and Who Is Really Running the Country

  • August 11, 2021
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Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  guest host Christina Botteri welcomed Fox Nation contributor and host of “No Interruption,” Tomi Lahren to the newsmaker line to discuss the fear-mongering of Fauci, Hunter Biden’s artwork, and who’s really running the country.

Leahy: We welcome to our newsmakers line, our good friend, Tomi Lahren good morning, Tomi.

Lahren: Good morning! Great to talk to you.

Leahy: Yes. So you’re from Rapid City, South Dakota. You live here now in Nashville. Some news has been made out in Sturgis, South Dakota. Lord Fauci doesn’t like what they’re doing out there.

Lahren: Oh, boy. Well, you know, I really hate to tell Lord Fauci this. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of South Dakotans or a whole lot of service rally-goers to really care about his ever-changing flip-flopping guidance.

We’re going to live our lives in the great free state of South Dakota. We have a great governor that believes in freedom so he can kick rocks and pound sand. Sorry, Tony.

Leahy: (Chuckles) By the way, I noticed that you had a little internet exchange on Twitter with our good friend Clay Travis the host of The Clay and Buck Show here on Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC.

Like you and like me, now you’re a Middle Tennesseean. And so was he. This was funny. He said, has Fauci commented on Obama’s indoor party yet? You had a nice come back on that one.

Lahren: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I think it’s very interesting how Fauci and the rest of these ever hysterical COVID warriors, seem to be very selective about the things that they find to be dangerous for the spread of COVID.

We know that social justice riots and looting, seem to be okay. Lalapalooza or any other Democrats is sponsored or attended the event. Okay. Of course Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry. Okay. Nancy Pelosi in the hair salon. And of course, the illustrious Barry Obama.

His birthday bash of close family and friends, which included Chrissy Teigan and Stephen Colbert. Not entirely sure how he’s related or close to either of them to warrant them coming to his very tight-knit bash. But those events were all okay for COVID. But Trump rallies, motorcycle rallies, churches, and schools, all very dangerous, apparently.

Leahy: Yeah. It would not surprise me, Tomi, if we saw a CDC spokesperson come out and literally announce that COVID is not spread by social justice riots but is spread by any conservative event.

Lahren: Oh, of course. That’s the thing. I think that’s why there are so many Americans that are so frustrated with everything going on, with the mandates and the second wave of COVID hysteria. It’s not because the Delta variant isn’t something to take seriously, and we don’t need to be safe and responsible.

Of course, we do. It would just be nice to have some consistency that didn’t seem to change with a political narrative and be driven by those with a political agenda. Let’s take care of health and safety.

True health and safety and not bend it to the wish of the Hollywood elites, the Democrat elites, and of course, those tyrants that are in charge of a lot of our cities and states.

Leahy: Speaking of safety, one place that’s not very safe and not very safe for police officers is Chicago. They have a mayor there, Lori Lightfoot, who has, in essence, abandoned the police department.

And there was a very tragic circumstance where one police officer was shot and killed recently. The police don’t like her. She apparently doesn’t like them. What are your thoughts on the Chicago Police Department?

Lahren: I just talked about this morning on Fox and Friends first. But yes, it was reported that several officers turned their backs when she came to that hospital to visit that critically wounded officer. Of course, they lost another officer.

But she has turned her back on officers long before. And I know that she has long said that she doesn’t support defunding the police, but her actions would say otherwise.

And to all of those Democrat mayors and city officials and governors who say that they don’t necessarily support defunding the police if you don’t completely condemn the organization that is BLM, then you are not serious about protecting your police officers.

And you are not serious about law and order, because, as we know, if you continue to placate to an organization that believes in defunding the police, you are part of the problem. Lori Lightfoot is a part of the problem.

We’ve got governors and city officials, and we’ve got congresswomen, especially Cori Bush, who’s come out saying that she needs private security because her life is more important than her constituents but she still believes in defunding the police. All of these people are a problem, and all of these people are putting our officer’s lives at risk.

Leahy: It seems like the theme for 2021 under the Biden maladministration is rules for thee, but not for me. Are you going to be one of the people standing in line for the ‘art’ from Hunter Biden, the son of the president?

Because, you know, they’re going to be sold to, “anonymous people” for up to $500,000. What’s your take on the Hunter Biden fiasco?

Lahren: Oh, boy. There are so many things that Hunter Biden has gotten away with that he is not qualified to do. And we know this. But this is just another example of liberal privilege. All the things that he has done, not to mention those text messages with a very disgusting word as an exchange.

You didn’t really hear much of anything about that. And now he’s selling artwork. People have been canceled and had their lives ruined for far less because his last name is Biden he gets that good old liberal pass. And we know time and time again, the only standard up by the left is the double standard.

Leahy: I think if we got a couple of second-graders in a room and gave them some crayons and an hour, they could probably create art that is more important, more intrinsically valuable than anything Hunter Biden has created. Have you seen any of his artwork, by the way?

Lahren: I certainly have. But I got to say, I think we should just give President Biden a couple of Crayons and see what he comes up with. (Leahy laughs) Because it could be just as interesting as what Hunter Biden would come up with.

I had to say that because you mentioned a couple of second graders creating something. That seems to be what’s happening with the leadership in our country as a whole. A couple of second graders got together and decided to bring socialism on into our country.

And it’s really symbolic of everything we’re seeing right now when it comes to Hunter’s artwork and just the state of our nation as a whole.

Leahy: Tomi, that’s pretty funny. But it’s funny because it quite possibly could be true. Who’s really running the country right now? Joe Biden can barely put a sentence together. Who do you think is running the country?

Lahren: I think it’s the far-left radicals. And it’s really sad to see people like Cori Bush, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar that they are not only the shining faces of the Democratic Party but really controlling this country.

A lot of people think that it would be Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. I think most people understand that it’s really not Joe Biden at this point. But it’s not even Kamala or Nancy. It really is the far-left agenda.

And I’ll say this, the American people rejected that agenda during the Democrat primaries and during the Democrat presidential debate. They didn’t want that. They didn’t want that in our country. But then came along coronavirus.

So all the things they couldn’t sell to the American people, they were able to sell them through fear and through panic. And now here we are. Have you ever seen a less competent vice president of the United States than Kamala Harris?

Lahren: I think that the answer to that question is very very simple. But I think that the Democrat Party right now is really in shambles. And they’re looking at their bench and they’re very concerned. Kamala is supposed to be the one that quite literally propped up flipping Joe Biden.

And they thought you know, she will be able to take the reins. This will be our first female president, potentially. And then they asked her about the border and she couldn’t help herself but laugh and talk about Europe.

And I think they looked at that and thought, oh, boy, we’ve got a real problem here. This woman was supposed to be the person that held up the puppet, the person that held up the shadow, and she can’t do it either.

And I think it’s a big whoopsie. But luckily, they have their pals and the mainstream media to do a whole lot of coverage for them and make it all nice and better so the American people are still living behind the smokescreen.

Leahy: Tomi, last question for you. What do you think the odds are that Republicans take back the House of Representatives in 2022?

Lahren: I think that the odds are very good. But I will say this. As much as I want Republican control of the House, of the senate, of the White House, no more RINOS. I’m sick of this. And that goes as well for the governor of Tennessee, which has done some things that I like and done some things that I don’t like.

We need governors and we need officials and we need congresspeople to stand up against tyranny, to stand up against the mandates. To stand up against masks and vaccine passports.

We need them all to stand up and stand for freedom. And I would look at all the governors right now and all of our leaders and all those people that are looking to either stay in office or get in office.

And I would say, are you going to go the way of freedom? Are you going to go the way of a Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott? Or are you going to fall by the wayside and become a Cuomo or a Newsom?

Because if that is the case, we will vote you out. We will make sure that you are no longer representing we the people.

Leahy: Tomi Lahren, Fox Nation host. Thanks so much for joining us today. And I got some coffee here. Come in studio next time, if you would, please.

Lahren: All right. Sounds good. God bless you.

Listen to the full second hour here:

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