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Patrick Brown’s Stance on Social Conservatives Challenged By Rivals

  • May 16, 2022
  • /   The Epoch Times
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Patrick Browns Stance on Social Conservatives Challenged By Rivals
Brampton Mayor and Conservative Party leadership candidate Patrick Brown’s stance that he’s friendly to social conservatives is being challenged by some rivals who point to his 2018 book calling them “dinosaurs.” “Of course there’s a place for all conservatives in the conservative family,” Brown said on CTV’s Question Period on May 15. “You’ll note that when I was the leader of the Ontario Conservative Party, there was a number of prominent social conservatives who got nominated during my time as Ontario Conservative Party leader, and certainly I value their place in the federal conservative family.” MP Leslyn Lewis, the only candidate who has been endorsed by social conservative groups for the leadership race, challenged Brown’s claim using a passage from his 2018 book “Takedown” in which he makes a number of pejorative assertions about the socially-conservative stream within the conservative movement. ...
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