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Student ‘Mob Attack’ At Public School Included Kids ‘Jumping From’ Second-Story Balcony, ‘Teachers Crying,’ Parent Says

  • April 5, 2022
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Student Mob Attack At Public School Included Kids Jumping From Second-Story Balcony Teachers Crying Parent Says

Seven students have been charged in what one parent called a “mob attack” at a public high school in Virginia that left “teachers crying” and kids jumping from a second-story balcony for safety.

“There were teachers being trampled over, kids jumping from a balcony at the school, teachers crying and no school official reached out. It was horrible,” parent Jessica Martinez told 7News of the violent incident.

Martinez says she found out about the fighting on March 23 from her scared daughter, not from school officials.

“I mean it’s ridiculous we as parents were not notified until I called the school. An email at the least should of went out,” Martinez told 7News.

The fight broke out after two students engaged in a physical altercation, and then others joined in, 7News reported:

7News reached out to the school system and they told us the incident started after two students at the high school got into a physical altercation in the hallway during class change when some students in the hallway at the time, got involved in the fight.

According to Manassas Park City Schools, school staff members and a School Resource Officer, quickly responded to the altercation and school administrators notified the Manassas Park Police Department. The school system says all of the students involved in the fight were issued disciplinary consequences based on the student Code of Conduct.

“During one of our class transitions, several students became involved in a physical altercation in the hallway,” the school wrote in a letter addressing the incident. “Because it was during class change, many students witnessed the altercation that took place outside of the library. It was brought to our attention that several students recorded the incident and may have shared it on social media. Staff members immediately intervened, and school administration contacted the Manassas Park Police Department. We actively worked with them to issue disciplinary action for all involved students based on our Code of Conduct. I want the community to know that we are aware of this incident, and we are working to address those involved.”

“The safety and security of our students is of upmost importance, and we take situations like this very seriously,” the school said. “I continue to encourage all students to report any concerns to administration. Thank you for your continued partnership with us to foster a positive learning environment and experience for our students.”

The same was echoed in a statement from the district. “We take these matters very seriously, and we are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students,” the statement read.

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