The Chinese Flu Is Not a Real Epidemic but It Is an IQ test – A Mask Tells All!

  • June 25, 2021
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By Madame Defarge -

The Blue State Conservative

Why Now?  The left has mounted a feverish push for domination.

A major realignment of the political landscape is underway. The old groups of voters which have supported each party are examining their beliefs and who best represents them.  This has created quite a bit of scurrying around by the political biz crowd to make sure they align with the winning side.

A real analysis of the current political disaster must begin with the political business and its’ goal of world socialism and self appointed elite control.  When we examine the system many answers appear from the fog.  The first question that is often asked is “who are these people” that run the current system?

There are four orders of rank in our current socialist political pyramid.  1. They are corporatists who require financial assists from Congress. 2. Academics and their lackeys.   3. Emotionally underdeveloped children 4. The poor and destitute.

1. The excise taxes were created by our new Republic as a payoff to the IOU holders from the revolution.  These financiers continued to step up into power throughout the early republic and finally had their dream come true with the Second National Bank of the United States.  It was run by Nicholas Biddle.  He was incredibly corrupt even by today’s standards.

The payoffs were not punished because virtually all of Congress was in on the scam and there was no mechanism to stop them.  Biddle juggled the economy in various regions of the country to hide malfeasance and to provide financial rewards to his friends in Congress. Biddle was finally crushed by President Andrew Jackson, but the model had been created.

Biddle was the first example of the financial central banking system that engaged in political corruption to further its’ profits.  He also developed the New York financial program of backing the underwriting of the cotton industry by mortgaging slaves and creating more wealth.

The population increase from migration by people fleeing the European famines added population growth and wealth to DC. This allowed the budding industrialists to quickly forget the devastation from the Civil War.  Rapid industrialization created the opportunity for more monetary subsidies behind the scenes. The wall of tariffs and the industrial expansion and wealth they created led to world domination.  This cemented the control of the financial group that operates globally today.

The big political evolutionary change from Democrat conservative to Democrat socialist was accomplished gradually.  The first Democrat/socialist leader was William Jennings Bryan.  His “Cross of Gold” speech in 1896 is the most famous in our political scenery.  This signaled a changing of party alignment across the country.

The Republican banking party was still able to control the elections until 1912 but a grass roots evolution had occurred.  The Republicans began a tentative step to progressivism with Theodore Roosevelts’ square deal. Thus began modern financing of politics.  It consists of bowing down for contributions and a piece of the government action.  The COVID bill provides about $19,000 per taxpayer.  I got $1,400.  Where is my other $17,600?  Socialism is the tick that never leaves without a meal.  Joe Bribe ‘em, where are you?

2. The first support group is the academics.  In the beginning they were a semi-respected class of citizen. They were necessary, but not stalwarts of the society. The financial recompense was unfortunately in the same range.  The professors were easily lured by the Sirens singing equality in outcome and the rich must be taxed and money distributed to the worthy. (Themselves of course)

The walking door to door hat in hand for donations to their colleges from the rich was a considerable blow to the ego of the self-styled superior intellect.  Unfortunately, the only thing on offer 125 years ago was a rehash of Shakespeare, Gibbon and Poe along with Latin and Greek.  These esoteric areas of study did not create any excitement at all.  There were certainly no opportunities for financial rewards for these donors so the response was small.

When the sciences began their meteoric rise in importance, things began to change around campus. The Federal government saw the great national need for research of various disciplines such as microbiology, chemistry, physics and geology.  Out came grants and out came the faculty with their palms waiting to be greased.

It quickly became apparent that expansion of the system was both necessary and remunerative.  The kickback system was well polished through foundations and was flooded with adherents.  The politicization of research arrived quickly when the political positions of those in power could be enhanced with “science” backing them up.  Publish or perish!  It really does not matter as no one reads the drivel anyway.

The next stage in scientific ascent was the homosexual AIDS “crisis.”  The government jumped in with both feet after it was alleged by a scientist that heterosexual AIDS was a threat.  Oops!  We are still paying billions 30 years later with no result.  The current flu bug is totally attributable to the same greedy neurotic clowns that have been dropping the ball for 30 years.  They are socially stigmatized but financially solvent.  All they want now is revenge for being ostracized.   Fauci=Tick

3. Next we have the emotionally bereft.  These patients have been providing income for the Psych crowd for decades so the synergy is quite logical.  They are financially able to be irresponsible with mommy’s help and quite easily directed in any area that is beneficial to the party. Purple hair, self mutilation, valium and a box of doughnuts are a trendy way to seek attention. Screaming and crying worked at home, why not on the street?  They are another group that wants revenge on a society that at best ignores them.  They are wound up and pointed in any direction.

4. The last group that supports the socialist dream are the very poor with nothing to lose.  They are the beneficiaries of 60 years of caring by the above mentioned groups.  The destruction of their family units by the academics and socialists strikes most heavily on these people that have the furthest to climb.  They are the well used curtain that hides the true intentions of the banking class from view.

These four groups are allies in trying to overcome the rule of a majority consisting of the normal people.  The financial and business groups are shameless in exploiting the weaknesses of the others.  The politicians exploit any or all of the above according to their whim.  They will need to be knocked from their pedestals if we are to continue this governmental experiment.

Still Knitting

The Madame

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

Content syndicated from with permission.

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