The Psychopathology of a Democrat

  • April 1, 2021
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By Edwin Vazquez -

The use of personal defense mechanisms has been associated with psychopathology. This condition is pronounced in the American political Left.

In Protecting the Self, clinical psychologist Phebe Cramer notes that Sigmund Freud delved into the nature of psychopathology as he was developing the idea that people may deliberately distort their perception of reality to protect themselves. Dr. Cramer notes that denial, projection, and identification are defense mechanism used as safeguards by these individuals. The use of these safeguards “is related to symptoms of psychopathology,” notes Dr. Cramer.

Dr. Edward Erwin notes in, The Freud Encyclopedia, that denial is the act of deflecting “perceptions of external reality that would be upsetting.” He asserts denial “is generally considered to be an immature defense.” Dr. Erwin contends that in “young children, denial is an age-appropriate defense.” In adults, denial is “evidence of psychosis.” The following examples might help clarify denial defense mechanisms.

Bill Clinton “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman!”
Hillary Clinton The Benghazi attack was due to  a ‘hateful’ anti-Islamic video on YouTube.
Barack Hussein Obama Isis is like a “JV team.”
Joe Biden “We didn’t have [a vaccine] when we came into office.”
Jen Psaki “This is not kids being kept in cages.”


Dr. Cramer notes that studies in patients diagnosed with psychosis revealed that, “severity of pathology is related to intensity of defense use, especially the use of the immature defense of denial.”

Before moving onto the next defense mechanism, it is important to make two points very clear. One can be found in another article, “The Truth About Jim Crow,” condemning the racist past (and present) of the American Left. The second, is that fascism and Nazism are phenomena of the Left. They each have roots in Marxism, and like progressivism, they are collectivist in nature. The phrase Nazi itself stands for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which translates to National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Clearly, socialism is a left-wing collectivist ideology. Giovanni Gentile, one of the leading philosophers of fascism, writes in Origins and Doctrines of Fascism that, “Morality and Religion … must be subordinated to the laws of the state.” Gentile adds that, the state “could not depend on the people, in fact, the people depended on the state.” This paternalistic view of the state is kindred almost exclusively to the American Left. For Gentile, an individual’s value amounts to no more than their role in strengthening the collective, the state. This runs contrary to values held by Conservatives, which view the individual as sovereign, endowed by the Creator with certain “unalienable rights.” For Conservatives, government’s chief role is “to secure these rights.”

Notwithstanding, Dr. Erwin describes projection as attributions of one’s “own unacceptable thoughts, feelings, wishes, or impulses onto others.” He adds that, “many irrational delusions can be understood as projections of one’s internal state.” Dr. Erwin notes that “psychotic delusions may be based on projection.” He contends that, “the individual under the sway of such delusions may strike back at imagined persecutors, as in the psychopathology of paranoia.” The following examples might help clarify projection defense mechanisms.

Hillary Clinton Russia conducted a sweeping and systemic interference in our election.”
Trump is a ‘racist’ and a ‘fascist.’
Barack Hussein Obama Trump is a ‘fascist.’
Joe Biden State legislatures securing election integrity “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”
Bill Maher Trump is a ‘fascist.’

Dr. Cramer suggests that in antisocial people, “projection is pervasive.” She also notes that in people who have a narcissistic personality, the use of denial is less pronounced, but projection and identification are more so. Dr. Cramer additionally notes that, the use of projection is positively associated with “violence toward partners,” and “abusive behavior.”

Identification, notes Dr. Cramer, is a more complex defense mechanism in which the “sense of self is protected.” It “takes experiences with the outside world and places them inside to create new ego structures.” Identification, notes Dr. Cramer, plays a “compensatory role in individuals with lower IQs.” This defense mechanism is associated with narcissism, attention-seeking behavior and high levels of drama, theatricals, and hysteria. Furthermore, notes Dr. Cramer, “The defense of identification by highly disturbed patients was associated with their psychological conflict around gender identity.” These examples might help clarify identification defense mechanisms.

Rachel Levine Per experts above – HHS secretary likely highly disturbed, low IQ.
Barack Hussein Obama Per experts above – Low self-esteem, attention-seeking, narcissistic.
Joe Biden Per experts above – Low IQ, low self-esteem, lied about academic record to enhance ego.
Nancy Pelosi Per experts above – Low IQ, attention-seeker.
AOC Per experts above – Likely lowest IQ of them all, drama queen, attention seeker.

To wit, if one finds oneself displaying high levels of psychopathological defense mechanisms in adulthood, one might be experiencing a transformation into a low IQ Democrat. It is thus incumbent upon the reader to chose the narrow path that “leadeth unto life,” for few are those who find it.

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