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Vaccine Mandates: A Question of Ethics

  • November 20, 2021
  • /   The Epoch Times
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Commentary Various vaccine mandates imposed across Canada are proving to be contentious, conflicting, and legally dubious. Medical mandates are ethically spurious in a constitutional democracy, and ethics is fundamental to these new and divisive policies. Those who have been following the issue may have come across Julie Ponesse, an ethics professor at Ontario’s Huron University College who was placed on unpaid leave after refusing to comply with the college’s mandatory vaccination policy. She has appeared on a number of podcasts talking about her area of expertise and how it applies to current vaccine policies. They are worth a listen. She is decidedly tempered and composed, and ardently pro-choice when it comes to bodily autonomy.  Her argument is not against vaccination; it's whether Canada, as a constitutional democracy should be mandating medical interventions. The right to exercise bodily sovereignty separates a free society that honours the individual, from a totalitarian state ...
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