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Watch: Distinguish CRT from Marxism: Your life depends on it!

  • June 3, 2021
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For the purpose of making your way adaptively and smartly in a society that is systemically anti-white, you need to understand what distinguishes Critical Race Theory from Marxism and quit the socialism/Marxism theoretical escapism, once and for all.

Get this into your head: For conflict in society, Marxism fingers social class; Critical Race Theory saddles whites. That means you, if you are white!

MORE on this do-or-die distinction in my latest YouTube video, "Distinguish Critical Race Theory From Marxism: Your Life Depends On It!"

David Vance and I further flesh out the Marxism vs. CRT vexation in our weekly, Wednesday chat.

Whatever conservatives think of Marxism – and this writer follows the antiwar, anti-state, free-market Austrian School of economics – Marxism in the origin is serious political economy; an intellectual treatise with gravitas. Critical Race Theory is a priori gibberish.

Scrap that: Befitting the boors who originated CRT anti-whitism – the theory is based on reasoning backwards: If B then A; if white then … complete that sentence with all manner of evil that comes to mind.

We also discuss uni-party politics, the futility of it and the war on MAGA folks, all 74 million of us. And, prompted by David, I might have thrown in a quip about plagiarism made way back, in a witty joust between Oscar Wilde and James McNeill Whistler – two giants of the West your kids should know, but don't, because … critical race rot.



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