CA Gov. Gavin Newsom says Trump’s “Sanctuary State” immigrant relocation proposal is “asinine”

A look at Newsom’s recent, hypocrisy-filled trip to El Salvador!

Given that California’s Governor Gavin Newsom is a leading member of the #Resistance, nobody will be surprised that he called President Donald Trump’s idea of relocating illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and state “asinine”.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom tore into President Trump’s proposal to send detained undocumented immigrants to sanctuary jurisdictions on Friday, declaring the idea “unserious,” “illegal,” “asinine” and “sophomoric,” among other things.

Mr. Trump singled California on Friday, when he declared he is seriously considering releasing undocumented immigrants into sanctuary jurisdictions. The president claimed he could release an “unlimited supply” of undocumented immigrants into Newsom’s state. California law offers safe harbor for undocumented immigrants who might otherwise be deported by federal immigration authorities.

Unlike my governor, I consider the approach a reasonable response to Sacramento’s disregard for federal law. However, I will remind President Trump that there are over 12 dozen cities that voted against the “Sanctuary State” rules imposed by our politicians…so perhaps they can be shipped to Sacramento or San Francisco directly.

Meanwhile, our governor is looking to reduce immigration…by building up the economy of another country. During a recent trip to El Salvador, not only did he smear Trump, but Newsom “focused on diversity” in an effort to help out the Golden State.

Newsom said he’s figuring out in real time what more California can do to help tackle the root causes of migration, namely deep poverty and gang violence. El Salvador is one of the world’s most violent countries, with the gangs MS-13 and Barrio 18 exerting strong control. The minimum wage is just $300 per month.

Mayor Ernesto Muyshondt of San Salvador, the capital city, said he hopes Newsom can use his political influence to halt the cuts to U.S. aid, saying cuts will halt the countries progress and could cause more people to flee.

In Newsom’s first three months in office, he has fought the Trump administration on perhaps no issue as much as immigration, suing over the president’s emergency declaration to build a southern border wall and pledging $25 million in state money to help asylum seekers.

…“How do you understand California without understanding all the diverse cultures that make it the most diverse state?” he said. “It’s fundamental it seems to me to governing a state. That’s why I’m here in the first months.”

Given this news, one might think Newsom prefers to virtue signal instead of govern. But as California reporter Katy Grimes notes, while Sacramento has banned travel to 10 U.S. states with social policies not aligned with progressives, El Salvador isn’t exactly a bastion of tolerance and acceptance.

El Salvador does not recognize same-sex marriage and civil unions are banned

According to this crowdsourced website tracking LGBT rights by country, unrecognized, same-sex marriage and civil unions are banned; transgender people can change their name but sex changes are illegal; and same-sex adoption is illegal.

Equaldex –

Reuters reports that LGBT people flee El Salvador due to violence and threats

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are being forced to leave El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to escape ‘epidemic levels of violence’ and threats by criminal gangs and security forces, [Amnesty International] said in a report.”

Newsom might be shocked to learn this trip isn’t playing well among his actual constituents:

However, Newsom may be playing the long game. After all, Trump may be sending busloads of former El Salvadorans and future Democrats soon!







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