Champions of Liberty

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Champions Of Liberty is an elite training program that is for current registered members. 
To enroll in this week-long conference, you must first be a member of Veterans In Defense Of Liberty. 

This intense week of veteran Special Training promises to be nothing short of the best of the best speakers and lecturers.

Upon completion of this electrifying week, qualifying veterans will be armed with the tools and training to stand and defend America in the arena of ideas from the domestic forces that would destroy her.

If you have wondered, “what can I do” come and take a leadership role in the greatest rescue mission in history – Rescuing so great a Republic.

Space is limited to this underwritten event – apply soon.

And it all starts with the genuinely humble warrior’s warrior who understands why we served.


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Constitution & Declaration of Independence

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The Federalist Papers

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Mayflower Compact

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Washington's Farewell Address

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The Anti-Federalist Papers

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Medal of Honor Recipient David Bellavia

Will be Champions of Liberty’s Keynote Speaker at our Inaugural Launch Dinner This October in Washington D. C.

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