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Constitution & Declaration of Independence

Constitution & Declaration of Independence


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We are losing touch with our Constitution.

That document, which has been the foundation of our very society, and for which Veterans have all taken a solemn oath to support and defend it against all enemies, regardless of where they originate, is under attack as at no other time in our nation’s history. We see the rule of law thrown aside for the rule of emotionalism, an emotionalism based upon a post-Constitutional view that assumes the American ideal is the root of all that is wrong with the world. The Founding fathers considered all other forms of government on the planet before rejecting them in favor of the grand experiment known as “America,” but if this tried and true social compact, of which we are the sole heirs to survive this assault, we must, once again, be willing to man the lines of its defense. Even so, the arena of ideas, where policies ought to live or die solely upon their own merits, cannot serve its intended purpose, if the gladiators have no swords, shields, or will to fight.

For this reason, the Champions of Liberty program has been instituted to equip those veterans seeking to defend the Liberties upon which our society has been established. Upon completion of this intensive, one-week course, graduates will have been ingrained with an understanding and appreciation of Western Culture in general, and the American Culture in specific, by focusing on our original documents and the philosophies which brought them forth. Graduates will also be instilled with a deep understanding of the significant issues of the day facing our nation to lead the charge against those, who would attempt to deny our cultural distinctiveness and superiority. Finally, graduates will be given the tools to handle the various media traps that have so often tripped up those, who would otherwise have led us toward Liberty, and will enable our graduates to turn those instances into opportunities to expand the reach of the message of Liberty, rather than to suffer defeat on an uneven battleground.

In short, the Champions of Liberty program is designed to help those veteran leaders among us become successful on a personal level, while simultaneously enhancing the overall cultural reclamation effort, and be able to pass on what they have learned to those precious, like-minded individuals. Those who would not see this great experiment in human Liberty known as “America” be lost into the darkness of oppressive Socialism for generations to come.


“Saint Ambrose once said, ‘If my brother hungers and I do not help him, I am a thief. And if my brother dies of hunger, I am a murderer, too.’ Today we might say, ‘If our nation flounders and we do not help her, we are thieves and if our nation dies of liberty we are murders too!’ Veterans In Defense of Liberty is a serious wake up call to us, who are veterans, to roll up our sleeves and act; to exercise the courage to speak up for the values and ideals upon which our nation was founded; and to summon the wisdom necessary to do what is noble and right to preserve so great a Republic. – Daniel York, Major General (retired) U.S. Army Reserves
“Transforming American veterans into Champions of Liberty is an idea whose time has come. With the proper knowledge of our founding principles and values coupled with the training to use them, our warriors can continue honoring their oath and accomplish any mission, – saving our Constitutional Republic is the most important, most urgent mission there of their life. I thank God for and fully endorse what Veterans in Defense of LibertyT is doing by standing in the gap to restore our Constitutional Republic and the values that made America the greatest nation on earth, before it’s too late.” – Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret.), Medal of Honor
We are glad to support Veterans in Defense of Liberty and its cause, and hope for the possibility of doing so in the future.

Adele Ritter Executive Assistant & Program Coordinator | Hillsdale College Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship

“Veterans in Defense of Liberty’s Champions of Liberty project is a magnificent program which will infuse the truth of liberty back into the American fabric. I have worked around the globe as our veterans have fought around the world and we can attest to the reality that the future of humanity resides in the ability of America to remain the beacon of freedom and liberty. The creeping global socialism making its way into the American fabric is a danger our veterans have sworn to defend against. Champions of Liberty is well-poised to protect against this skulking menace to our Republic. Kudos to these “Champions of Liberty” veterans for remaining “Switched On” to the international and domestic threats to our liberties.” — Eric J. Caron, U.S. Special Agent (Ret); Adjunct Professor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy Author of Switched On – The Heart & Mind of a Special Agent
“Veterans speak with the earned credibility of sacrificial service.” Their development and deployment, through Veterans in Defense of Liberty’s®, Champions of Liberty™ program as motivators defending liberty is a strategy for national survival. “ -John Ashcroft Author of several books on political and moral issues. Missouri State Auditor Attorney General of Missouri 50th Governor of Missouri U.S. Senator from Missouri 79th U.S. Attorney General
The American culture which grew from our Constitution is not the same culture – not the America – it was when we raised our hands to support and defend it. Somewhere between that time and my return from Vietnam, evil entered our country and began eating away at our Freedoms and Liberty. For decades I have heard Veterans all across our country saying, “what can we do, where are the leaders to return our country to her Constitutional underpinnings?” I am pleased to support and endorse the answer to that question. Veterans in Defense of Liberty’s Champions of Liberty will stand in the gap, and be a significant force to lead America back to the true tenets of liberty. By organizing American veterans, arming them with the truth, and teaching them how to use the truth they will not be intimidated by the superficially weak strategy of the socialistic left. They will win on the “Battlefield of ideas,” and safeguard our rights. Most veterans are mission-driven people; this mission with purpose will bind American veterans together more strongly than they have been since their time on active duty. As a veteran, we understand that we have essentially pledged, like our Founders, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to each other, our country and our oath; all have sacrificed to some degree. Some of our brothers and sisters gave all so Americans can live in a free society. Champion of Liberty exemplifies – we veterans refuse to let these sacrifices be in vain. I salute veterans in Defense of Liberty’s, Champions of Liberty for being not only the answer to the question asked by so many veterans but the leaders; to lead us back to the firm Constitutional Republic as originally intended. -Don Ballard US Navy/ Kansas National Guard (Ret) Medal of Honor

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