Eric Swalwell Mocks Armed Good Guys for Not Stopping Midland Shooter

Former Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell (D-CA) mocked good guys with guns who did not stop the alleged Midland shooter as he went on his rampage.

Swalwell mocked armed good guys via Twitter, writing:

Swalwell made sure to point out that Texas is an open carry handgun state, but he did not point out that it was the 45th state in the Union to adopt such a policy. On August 22, 2014, the Wall Street Journal posted a map showing open carry was allowable in 44 states. Some of those states require a permit for open carry, but the vast majority honor permitless open carry.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed legislation in 2015 making Texas the 45th open carry state.

Swalwell also failed to point out that it was a good guy with a gun who stopped the November 5, 2017, Sutherland Springs, Texas, church shooting, and that good guy used an AR-15.

The alleged criminal who attacked innocents in the Midland-Odessa region Saturday had every advantage in that he was shooting from his vehicle, so he had cover and the element of surprise when engaging victims. This gave him the upper hand on law-abiding good guys with guns. Swalwell mocked those good guys with a “big shout out” and a “thanks a million.”

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