MSNBC’s Matthews: Trump’s ‘Whole Body Rejects Truth’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews declares that President Donald Trump’s “whole body rejects the truth.”

Matthews said, “This is the hardest thing for me to absorb. There are human beings, including the president who believe that somehow the Democratic National Committee server somehow found its way to Kiev and it’s sitting over there in somewhere in physical space in reality, that is, in fact, and what to the hacking. It wasn’t a hacking by the Russians. It was a hacking by I guess the Ukrainians who somehow got the server over there. That’s what they wanted investigated. this whacky theory.”

He continued, “I remember the cover of the National Enquirer, they took a picture of Jack Kennedy when he was alive and made him older like in a high school play, they dusted him up, made him look grey and had this older Jack Kennedy photograph looking out through a curtain. ‘Jack Kennedy the alive in Poland. This crazy talk is in the president’s head. He buys into this kind of stuff that they run in the National Enquirer.”

He added, “I think his whole body rejects truth. He couldn’t accept the fact that Barack Obama was elected president. He said he was a birther he was from some other country it wasn’t legal. It didn’t happen. He has to say the Russians didn’t help me. So he came one this cockamamy Ukraine theory. Anything to get out of his head he lost. He’s not the winner. ”

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