Obama Breaks Silence Ahead of Super Tuesday Showdown Between Sanders and Biden

Former President Barack Obama broke his silence after former Vice President Joe Biden won big in the South Carolina presidential primary on Saturday.

Obama reportedly called Biden, according to “sources close to” the former president to congratulate him for re-energizing his presidential campaign in South Carolina.

The former president broke his silence as the party faces the possibility that Sen. Bernie Sanders has a chance for a big delegate lead ahead of Super Tuesday, wherein 14 states will vote for their choice for candidate.

It also appears to be a rare departure from his set precedent of not getting involved in the primary process.

There were no reports of Obama calling former Mayor Pete Buttigieg after he won Iowa or Sanders after he won New Hampshire or Nevada.

Buttigieg announced his decision to drop out of the race on Sunday night, which shocked his supporters who felt that he could still compete.

Obama still will not endorse Biden or any other candidates before the primary, according to reports, a position he staked out at the beginning of the process. Obama met with Biden before his former vice president announced his campaign and even hinted that he probably should not run, according to reports.

Biden said he asked the former president not to endorse him and said in December 2019 that he did not need the endorsement.

“[E]veryone knows I’m close with him,” Biden said. “I don’t need an Obama endorsement.”

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