Parents Upset After High School Assignment Has Students Rate Their Privilege

“Jewish, for instance, was rated as the most privileged religion . . . .”

Jewish students were told to add 25 points because Judaism is the most privileged religion. When do parents start suing over this type of garbage?

The Daily Gazette reports:

‘Privilege’ scorecard stirs angst in Saratoga Springs

A class exercise asking students at Saratoga Springs High School to score their privileged status raised concerns among parents worried about the assignment’s underlying message and the use of offensive words.

Parents said it was harmful to have students score themselves on factors like “attractiveness,” “disability” and race, potentially reinforcing negative feelings, and some argued the assignment and the teacher unfairly singled out white male students as especially privileged.

“When we looked at that form, we felt a lot of terms on there could really be offensive to a lot of kids,” said a parent whose son was given the assignment. The parent didn’t want to be named out of concern it would draw attention to the parent’s children. “I felt like this lesson being pushed in the classroom is being more divisive than bringing kids together.”

The activity, copies of which were posted to social media last week, asked students to score how privileged they are: add 25 points if you are white, add 25 points if you are male, add 20 points if you are straight; subtract 100 points if you are black, subtract 50 points if you are female, subtract 150 points if you are gay.

At the end of the survey, students scoring negative 100 points or less were considered “very disprivileged,” while students who scored above 100 points were told to “check it daily” — as in check their privilege daily.

The worksheet also included outdated and offensive words and point tallies that appeared to play on cultural stereotypes. Jewish, for instance, was rated as the most privileged religion, earning a student 25 points compared to five points of privilege for a Christian student. A Muslim student lost 50 points under the activity.







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